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What knitting gives you


Knitting instead of psychotherapist


Such ancient handiwork as knitting is becoming more popular over the years. Knitting process is alike yoga classes. Repetitive motion soothes and relieves stress. You can knit while watching TV, because at a certain experience movements become mechanical and do not require special attention.


Benefits of knitting


Moreover, knitting brings real benefits. Beautiful and warm clothes knitted with your own hands are never superfluous. Every thing is unique and inimitable. Handmade is always better than the factory stamping.


Knitting as a gift


Each of us has scratched head over what to give friends or relatives for the holiday. Of course, you can just buy a gift at the store. But such a gift is ordinary and forgettable.
And if the thing is knitted with your own hands and also has unusual properties, it is a gift to remember. Illusion and shadow knitting allow us to produce a really unique thing that is bound to cause a genuine interest.