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     How to read charts


the scheme is anchoredIn charts I draw only purl rows. You can see the scheme on the picture. For the convenience every 10 stitches are marked with a red line. Each cell is equal to one stitch.





the numbering of the rowsNumber 1 row (white and black cells) is knitted with background yarn color.
Number 2 row (blue and dark blue cells) is knitted with image yarn color.





Stitches of image


the ranks1 – purl stitches (blue cells)
4 – knit stitches (dark blue cells)
Stitches of background
 2 ¬– knit stitches (white cells)
 3 – purl stitches (black cells)



A little trick


a little trickWhen knitting products with a small number of stitches in the row you may easily count them. But what if you have much more stitches? It is not difficult to make a mistake while counting. The clarity of the picture depends on precise following the chart. In charts I have already marked every 10 stitches.


What about the cloth? You may pass the contrast yarn on the backside of knitting (where the image is knitted) in every 10 stitches. And now you need to count only to 10 as shown in the picture.