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It's time to talk about the people who helped me and who helps me so far.

First, of course, it’s necessary to say about Steve Plummer, whose work induced me to choose the path of illusion knitting.

On his website, Steve posts the works of different artists. If you click on the picture, a page with a brief account of the artist will open. Recently, my works have appeared on this page too. The site is in English, so there shouldn’t be any problem with an understanding.


If you want to see the works of Steve go to this page. You can buy a chart of each his product. They are not expensive.


In the section Tutorials you can find very clear lessons.


Second, Alexander Laptev is an administrator and creator of this site. I started to knit illusions just for myself. He has forced me to work hard and showed my modest works to the public.

This is his non-knitting site