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Let’s begin to study the illusion knitting from the visual appearance of resulting cloth. Usually two colors of yarn are used. It is better if they’re within the same color range. The more contrasting the yarn used, the clearer image will appear. Each color is used to knit 2 rows.
1st row from the face side is always knitted with knit stitches
2nd row from the backside is knitted according to the chart
Therefore, fabric on both sides will be striped.
In the pictures you can see the face side and backside.

The front side

Wrong side






On the face side the fabric consists of relief rows, which create the image.
On the backside there is almost garter stitch.
Read more in the article basics for beginners.

Selvage stitches

The cloth will look carefully if you knit the selvage stitches properly.
The first and the last stitches of a row are selvage, they are never involved in the formation of the image, and are responsible for the formation of the lateral edge. Do not take them into account as a part of the image.
Knit the last stitch of a row with the knit stitch to the backside.
Remove the first stitch without knitting.


Little niceties


And now let’s talk about the nuances of knitting selvage stitches in the illusion knitting. At the end of each second row knit the last stitch with both yarn colors. Edge will be slightly thicker, but there will not be slants and other problems.


Remove the first stitch. Place the working yarn behind the cloth, and the yarn which you don’t need remains in front of it.


  Edge loops, front sideEdge loops, wrong side