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From a letter: "What a pity, that I don’t knit with needles. I'd like to knit a picture ... "
Nothing is impossible. Take a hook and start to knit. The technique is Tunisian crochet. I found only a thick hook, so the example is quite lax and is bigger than knitted with needles. Here’s the result:


 View rightWrong sideView angle



How the image appears

First off  let’s look at how the image appears on a striped canvas. Knitting consists of flat and relief sections. For simplicity, let us call these relief portions the ribs. In order to get the picture you just need to open the rib of a certain color - either the background colors, or image color.
In needles knitting the ribs are obtained by knitting the knit stitches in a purl row. When crocheting you have to act in other way. Description found on the Internet: "The last stitch should be worked into the last half-stitch of the previous row"

The result:

View right. incomplete illusionView at an angle. Incomplete illusion




As you can see, this isn’t the complete illusion. The ribs are quite smallish. Therefore, the picture is always visible. How can you increase the ribs height? Very simple. You just need to knit convex and concave columns.


Nothing more than.


 Convex columnsConcave bars




There is a nuance. Pronounced rib will be only if you knit the concave column in the next row after the convex one. Therefore, the scheme will be as follows

 The scheme and the form of illusion                   Scheme read more


How to crochet using the charts from the site


Take the chart for needle knitting. Do not pay attention to the black and white rows. Knit the blue cells in the diagram with concave columns and dark blue cells with convex ones. Much to my regret, halftones in crocheting, I think, are impossible. Therefore, not all the schemes from my site can be crocheted. But the ones that are marked with a red asterisk, you nay knit easily. If you have questions or ideas please write in the comments or on the forum. I will be pleased to answer any questions.